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Vali Iancu
Founder, President and CEO

Romanian-American entrepreneur, with a background in IT and Economics, Mr. Iancu has 36 years of experience in IT. His first international IT client was Intel Corp in Silicon Valley, followed by more than 70 US clients, most Fortune 100 companies, US State and Federal Government Agencies, including The Federal Reserve Bank, followed by many other major clients in Europe, Australia, Middle East, and Canada.

Eugen Iliescu
VP of Software Development

Eugen has a complex mix of background and experience, a blend of IT, Economics, and Management, having worked in companies of different sizes from SMEs to Global Companies, in Romania and the UK mainly, where he managed complex projects with roles in R&D, Business Development and General Management at top and middle management positions. Eugen has graduated from the University of Craiova’s Faculty of Automatics & Computer Science in 1992, has acquired a Master Degree in Business Administration from the University of Craiova in 2006, and also has studies at the University of Wales, UK, completed in 2014, among other academic awards and certifications.

Stefan Udristoiu
Director of Education and Chief Software Architect

Following a family tradition, Stefan Udristoiu began programming in 1986, out of curiosity. Curiosity turned into passion, so Stefan got a Bachelor degree in Computer Science from the University of Craiova in 1995, followed by a PhD in Software Engineering in 2003. He built a successful Academic career, always combined with software engineering roles in private IT companies. Stefan Udristoiu is now a very well known and respected Professor at the University of Craiova where he teaches Operating Systems and Programming Techniques within the Software Engineering department at the Faculty of Computer Science. Since 2009 he is IT Six’s Chief Software Architect, where his contribution to designing optimal, scalable architectures as well as implementing software engineering best practices is instrumental in the complex projects we develop. As the firm’s Director of Education, he is also organizing, managing and teaching software engineering for the IT Six Academy programs.

Mihai Costescu
Marketing Manager

With a mix of expertise coming from both the academic domain and the private sector, Mihai has a good experience in working with people and good knowledge of the IT sector. His main experience comes from acting as an Assistant Professor at the University of Craiova, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, and from various management positions, especially Marketing and Business Development Management Positions, that he held during the years, in sectors of the economy that include IT, service providers or production. Mihai holds a bachelor degree in Economics and one in Law, a PhD. in Cybernetics and Statistics and various other diplomas received in various complementary fields.