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Driving Enterprise Results with Agile Flexibility and Speed.
IT Six is a proven European provider of Agile software development services

Agile Process

Having practicing SCRUM since 2009 and having so many certified Agile professionals on-board, our preferred framework for Agile software application development is Planned SCRUM.

Our process contains also elements which are non-standard, but enabling our clients to control the project better, as well as potential risks, leading to more educated decisions about how to steer the project.

Our iterative approach for developing software will integrate new functionality, fully tested, into your developing product within only a matter of weeks, with each sprint landed. Frequent product builds coupled with comprehensive testing, allows us to find the majority of defects very early in the development process. Depending on the nature of the project, we are ready to test the system as frequently as necessary, and test continuously for projects using Agile.

We are eager to receive your early feedback, so we can deliver working products fast. We provide you with expertise and proactive staff at all levels: from use case modeling, process modeling, UI/UX modeling, business and technical requirements, to data modeling, architecture, dynamic design, structural design and standard-based coding.

Agile Team Structure

Some agile teams are very large, some are dispersed geographically, and some do not always have easy access to stakeholders. However, the vast majority of agile projects means teams with less than ten people, are co-located, have direct access to stakeholders, and have access to modern modeling, development and testing tools.

A typical Scrum product-team at IT Six includes a full-time proxy product owner, a scrum master, technical leads, developers, testers, and a UI/UX designer. Together with you we define in detail the member roles, sprints, project artifacts, communication rules and the acceptance criteria.