Engagement Process

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Engage with IT Six in 8 Simple Steps

IT Six leverages proven methodologies to provide you with high-value solutions. Our development teams are able to adapt and adjust these methodologies to meet your specific business needs.

Step 1: Introductions

Step 2: NDA and portfolio review

Step 3: Project Analysis

Step 4: Offer

Step 5: Executive meeting

Step 6: Contract

Step 7: Building the team / Team validation

Step 8: Project START – sprint 0

During the Engagement phase we study your project requirements, environment and processes in-depth. This will result in a 360-overview of the future project that includes functional and technical requirements, architectural solution, development roadmap, project staffing, infrastructure, duration and costs, communication plan and project governance model.

In many cases we prefer to start with a face-to-face meeting to maximize efficiency of communications and establish personal contact. For that, our key project personnel can come to your premises for a workshop. But we will be even more happy to see you first at our headquarters, so you can experience the local flavor as well.