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Custom Application Development

Our Software Application Development practice offers a suite of methodologies and frameworks which combined with our domain and technical expertise provides the best balance in terms of quality, agility, performance and cost for building solutions that meet business requirements.

New Product

Domain knowledge

New Product Development: From Idea to Final Solution

In most cases we start with building an eye-catching proof of concept for the future product. This not only shows you that we can go beyond initial expectations and deliver high quality very fast, but also enables you to take the prototype, show it to customers and investors and collect feedback.

After we have validated with you the optimal architecture, our analysts, developers, testers and designers will work together to build a stunning software solution.

Product Migration

Migrating your existing product to a new platform or re-engineering of your existing solution using modern technology.

If the product you’re planning to re-engineer comes with unfamiliar territory, we help you assess the risks and best practices for the new ground you’re engaging into. For example, shifting legacy desktop or ASP applications into modern SaaS, PaaS or Cloud solutions.

You can call us in at whatever level serves your needs, from consulting and advising your team, to taking full responsibility of all phases of the entire process.

Application Maintenance

When you need to turn your internal resources towards new product development, you probably don’t want to hire new people for maintaining the other legacy applications in your company just until you will have resources available again. IT Six will come in and handle that for you. We continue to support and enhance the existing applications, while taking good care of your legacy capital.

If you are a company who wants to augment your engineering power or even hand off engineering completely, so you can focus on critical business issues, we will take that responsibility for you.

We become your engineering team, freeing you up to steer and manage your business. You function more effectively, leaving the engineering to experts. Our mission is to be the best in technology and best in application development.

How we do it

Before commencing development, we hold workshop sessions on technical and business matters in order to ensure proper understanding of the project and the knowledge transfer between stakeholders. Learn more about the engagement process.

Typically, our preferred approach for application development is Planned SCRUM – a software project management methodology based on Agile Scrum iterative process.

Following a well-defined process we will be able to integrate new functionality, fully tested, into your developing product within only a matter of weeks, with each sprint landed.

Team set-up

Most of our product teams are dedicated teams, working long-term for the same clients, adding value every step of the R&D process. We become an extension of the client’s engineering team.

Some Agile teams are very large, some are dispersed geographically, and some do not always have easy access to stakeholders. However, the vast majority of agile projects involve less than ten people, are co-located, have direct access to stakeholders, and use modern modeling, development and testing tools.

A typical Scrum product-team at IT Six includes a full-time proxy product owner, a scrum master, technical team leads, developers, testers, and a UI/UX designer.

Together with you we define the member roles, sprints in detail, project artifacts, communication rules and KPIs.

How you benefit

  • You get a fully dedicated, turnkey product development team with very low attrition.
  • You get our state-of-the-art development tools and infrastructure at no additional cost.
  • You get solutions vetted by experts.

Success Stories

We periodically publish case studies of successful IT Six projects, where we share stories about nearshore projects, the challenges we overcame, the collaboration with our clients and the value created for their partners.

Explore our Case Studies, spanning industries, geographies and technology.

Florin Popescu
Head of Java Solutions

Dan Dobriceanu
Head of Microsoft Solutions

“Thanks to the powerful dedicated team from IT Six we were able to set up a great and solid agile team for a huge ongoing project. Communication and product quality is outstanding and we’re very thankful for having that “same wavelength” partner by our side!”
IT Consulting Firm, Germany