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Usable websites offer great user experiences that lead to happy customers

IT Six provides user interface design (UI) and user experience (UX) consulting services. We design interfaces for native web, mobile and desktop, as well as responsive design solutions that can scale across platforms and devices.

Providing a logical starting point, capturing the user’s attention, speaking in a recognizable voice, creating easily usable and attractive interface elements, providing an intuitive path to success. Those are individual objectives that, when achieved, will result in an effective website or application that attracts and keeps users.

User Experience Deliverables


Wireframes are used for mid-sized and large projects as an in-depth visual guide for developers. Wireframes define the layout of UI elements and content on each screen of the final product. They are usually devoid of color, typographical styles and images. Wireframes are also known as schematics or blueprints. Wireframes are developed using a specification document or detailed list of project requirements.


Mockups are low-fidelity or high-fidelity user interface representations. In the design process, these deliverables represent the last stage in UI design. After iterations and once the design is signed off, mockups will be implemented by developers into the final deliverable (website or application).

GUI Prototypes

Prototyping is applied for startup companies and complicated projects. Prototyping provides a dynamic, visual & touch-guide and a ‘test solution’ for use by developers, business analysts and clients. Clickable prototypes are an interactive form of wireframes. Such prototypes are designed to simulate the final product by including elements such as functional links, menus, drop-down boxes, forms and other standard UI elements.

How we do it

  • We evaluate the usability of existing systems and interactions
  • Re-design or implement enhancements to existing user interfaces to make applications more attractive and effective
  • Design more intuitive user interactions, when rewriting or extending an existing system, while still leveraging in place end user devices
  • Extend legacy systems to new user interfaces, such as, the web, smartphones and tablets, while introducing the newest user interface paradigms
  • Build new systems to serve new markets that reach out to employees, clients and/or consumers through their personal devices at work, home or on the move


Did you know that at any given time, nearly 30% of the world’s population is online? At IT Six, we realize the tremendous potential of the web and design website, micro-sites and more to make sure that the time you spend online is spent effectively. A smarter UI makes all the difference in website navigation. Clean, crisp design that shows what you want, when you want with minimal clicks to get there.


The age of the smartphone is upon us. With mobile platforms and hardware growing by leaps and bounds every day, smartphones today are responsible for blurring the line between mobile computing (laptops, netbooks) and mobile phones. Our team of designers can conjure mobile apps across various OS platforms (predominantly iOS, Android and Windows) depending upon your requirement. From the pretty icon on your home screen, to the last working detail, we design and build your mobile app from the ground up.

“IT Six helped us build better, more customer focused web services at a fraction of the cost we could have done so internally. Their attention to detail, specifically around User Interface Design meant that our IT department is getting a reputation for building great services.”
Leading Diamond Company, UK