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Innovative technologies that are the building blocks for today’s embedded platforms

High-tech products

High-tech products have a significant impact on the world around us in terms of safety, convenience and efficiency. Personal comfort and productivity through smart devices, industrial productivity improvement by intelligent controllers, complex, high-precision medical procedures enabled by advanced technologies, electronic manufacturing efficiency through high-tech computing platforms and multifunctional devices – are being used in everyday activities: in the industry and in personal routine.

Embedded technology

Embedded technology is at the heart of modern industry and IT Six has experience in building systems that span across various enterprise segments. It has enabled breakthrough innovations in Mobile, Automotive, Healthcare, Avionics, Transportation, Manufacturing and Life Sciences.

IT Six offers Design, Development and Support services for Embedded Systems around all layers of technology throughout all the phases of the product lifecycle. From Product Development to Testing and Maintenance, we offer services that help our clients bring their products to the market faster and in a more cost-effective way.

Our experience goes from programming simple, single-board devices to complex, network-connected, distributed, real time systems.

Our expertise lies in:

  • Consulting customers for initial product development, assisting in requirements gathering
  • Designing embedded system/firmware architecture
  • Network development
  • Embedded Development
  • Performance optimization
  • Custom bootloader development. Integration of 3rd party bootloaders
  • Development of custom schedulers and memory allocators. Integration of 3rd party RTOSes
  • Integration of 3rd party BSP / software packages
  • Drivers development and integration
  • Testing & Validation
  • Debugging, Support and maintenance

We can apply our expertise on a variety of platforms from 8bit to 32bit on proprietary cores or on widely available technologies like x86, ARM, PPC or MIPS.

Other skills:

  • Automotive ASPICE ENG.1-ENG.8 (System/Softare Requirements and Architecture, Design and Implementation, Integration and Software Testing)
  • Model-based design (MATLAB, Simulink and TargetLink)
  • Function Safety IS0 26262 (Safety Goals, Technical Safety Concept, Safety System and Software Safety Requirements Specifications)
  • HW support
  • VxWorks
  • CAN, LIN, SPI, I2C
Ana-Maria Vasilescu
Head of Embedded Systems

“On top of advanced technical skills, IT Six engineers show a high level of team spirit, dedication and proactiveness. They are part of our core team and play a major role in every software delivery from a back-end perspective through the final UI interface.”
Leading Wireless company, USA