Computer Aided Venture Investment Solution

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  • Microsoft .NET Framework, C# and ASP.NET
  • WCF
  • JavaScript, HTML
  • jQuery, Prototype, Microsoft Ajax
  • MS SQL Server 2008, DB2
  • Perl, Boo
  • Entity Framework
  • Selenium, CruiseControl.NET, Nant
  • Castle Windsor (IOC), Irony, Postsharp
  • Moq, MbUnit
  • HtmlAgilityPack, LibCurl.NET, PhantomJS

Client description

The client is a venture capital firm aiming to find, capitalize and assist expansion stage technology companies and accelerating their pursuit to become market leading organizations.

Having an experienced team of strategic and operational consultants, they provide meaningful value to every portfolio company through proven approaches, innovative ideas and efficient processes.

Their main target is represented by IT companies in early phases of growth that need support to implement their products or strategy and further develop their business.

Business challenge

The investment process needs to be sustained by complex activity including:

  • research and basic screening
  • data manipulation and cross-validation
  • advanced analytical tasks
  • support the decision process and delivering top investment results

The client was aware of the necessity for a software system that would improve this process and studied different approaches and technical solutions.

The client needed a set of applications that would cover most of the actions listed above:

  • collecting data about companies from different sources, both manually researched or automatically gathered
  • have a centralized system to store this data and extract basic metrics or perform aggregation of specific parameters
  • create an efficient environment to help the strategic analysis process
  • implement a complex system for automatic business modeling and advanced indexing criteria
  • data cross-validation, reporting and integration with external systems

Specific business processes, domain knowledge and particular modeling algorithms had to be translated into working software. The algorithmic part was one of the biggest challenges of this project.

Solution overview

IT Six delivered a complete system including a web application for data entry, data manipulation and analysis and a back-end system for data gathering, processing and data modeling by implementation of powerful probabilistic and classification algorithms.

The robust architecture and high quality implementation were the key factors which certified that the approach was consistent with the client’s requirements.

The team involved in this project was internally managed by IT Six using SCRUM framework. The Agile methodology implementation and the overall process was successfully validated by very experienced practitioners.

Benefits and results

The added value was visible through the increased number of prospects and investments made since the client started to use the software.

The client’s investment portfolio was extended, further opportunities arrived and IT Six’s team involvement continuously increased. We now provide to this client specific expertise both in technology and business domain.