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  • ASP.NET 4.5
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012
  • Telerik ASP.NET Controls
  • Telerik HTML 5 Kendo UI Controls
  • AJAX

Client description

Our client is a global leader in design, development and production of synthetic diamond supermaterials, operating worldwide with its head office in Luxembourg, and primary manufacturing sites in China, Germany, Ireland, Sweden, South Africa, US and the UK. Through innovation, the company explores and develops novel applications and markets for the synthetic diamond family of materials, which unlocks value for clients in a variety of industries (construction, automotive, manufacturing etc.)

Collaborating with the client’s Information Management department the focus was constantly to develop robust enterprise software solutions while delivering the best business value through efficient use of technology; very often there is a need to step away from IT tools and focus more on the end results increasing efficiency and adding simplicity to generally cumbersome processes.

Business challenge

Working in a distributed environment with offices around the world efficient communication is always a key aspect. In order to easier collaborate and communicate specific software tools were used to centralize and streamline processes.

Helping the client move away from legacy systems has been the main priority, followed by developing new large scale solutions towards a real digital enterprise. Using latest technology to centralize all data and interconnect it with other systems has helped us track and control the flow of capital leading to an insightful capital management software solution that IT Six built for this client.

Solution overview

The solution delivered had two simple goals: governance and simplicity.

Aiming at flexibility (the Company landscape is ever-changing) the solution provided was generic and only a few aspects were enforced by the system itself; everything was driven by the way it was put to use by the users and super-users.

With a standard-driven user interface (using Telerik ASP.NET controls combined with Telerik HTML5 Kendo UI framework) coupled with a robust business layer oriented on services and relying on a Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Backend the system added a transparent layer of centralized information that breaks communication barriers and generally makes everything more efficient and easier to track.

Hiding complexity behind services allowed for interaction with other systems, providing all the needed information in a timely manner enforcing both standardization and governance. The system not only allowed for interaction, but also drove the other systems and created a new layer of transparency on capital expenses.

Benefits and results

Besides providing valuable reports and insightful data, using new standards in design and UI, we created the possibility for quick adoption by untrained users to a long historically cumbersome process.

We built a system allowing users and administrators to dynamically configure the reports, ensuring a quick adoption of the software.