Enterprise Web-based eProcurement Application

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  • Java 7
  • Spring 3.1.1
  • Spring Security
  • Spring MVC
  • JSON, AspectJ, Log4J
  • JPA (Hibernate)
  • MySQL, SAP MDM Repository
  • JSP Custom Tags, JavaScript, jQuery, Backbone.js
  • Solr (as the search engine)
  • Maven
  • Roo (for some code generation)
  • Eclipse STS
  • Subversion

Client description

The client is a leading German consulting firm specialized in IT services for a variety of industries, domains and technologies. With presence all over the world, the client needed a custom made solution for international eProcurement processes.

Business needs

The client needed an eProcurement web application to enable employees of large enterprises to order products online. The difference from similar applications is that it can be integrated in larger systems as a whole or only with modules. Each of its modules can be integrated easily as a standalone component. To be able to communicate with other systems, custom protocols were implemented. The client needed the application to be highly configurable and customizable for its own clients.

The solution

We implemented the application with a modular architecture, a data access layer, multiple different data sources (configurable), and a search engine that unifies them. The entire project was built in a dynamic manner that allows various configurations and easy extensions in the future (scalable).

The challenge

The amount of data to be handled is very large, so handling performance was one of the challenges. Data is distributed and available in several data sources, like MySQL and multiple SAP MDM repositories. The application unifies all data sources and offers to the user a simple way to browse and order products.

Benefits for the client

With this application, the client has a robust, configurable, scalable eProcurement solution for its own clients. It is easily extensible in the future; it is fast and friendly to use.