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  • Java language
  • Google GWT framework with MVP design architecture
  • Sencha GXT framework
  • JQuery JS framework
  • AspectJ AOP framework
  • Oracle 11.2g database
  • Tomcat 7 web server
  • Eclipse IDE

Project management

  • SVN versioning system
  • Maven building & management tool
  • Nexus repository management tool
  • Jenkins continuous integration system
  • Bugzilla bug tracking tool
  • TestLink test cases tracking tool
  • Asana assignments tracking tool

Customer description

Based in London, our client is specialized in the analysis of corporate reputation and reputational risk. With the hype of social media and online marketing tools, measuring a product or a firm’s online reputation has become extremely relevant for business planning and performance measurement.

Business challenge

Corporate reputation analysis is not as wide spread as other fields, which helps our client develop on this early market faster than competitors. For one of the products, there is virtually no competition out there, which makes things even more interesting. The main challenge of this product is to build the models that – based on a company’s measured online reputation from the past- would “teach” the company how to “build” a solid reputation, keeping it on a high marketing standard. Writing the code around the models and algorithms was equally interesting.

The solution

Together with the client’s engineering team, we developed a new version of the product, using opensource technology and integrated it with other existing software. This lead to winning new clients and new ideas for more rich feature modules.

The requirements for the application included interactive reputation sentiment charts which the user could filter by different regions and do comparisons with other competitors, stream viewers to monitor the involved articles, ranking tables of the companies in a specific sector and related functionalities of this kind.

Benefits and results

The application offers enables user to:

  • Run surveys and compare the reputation sentiment chart of their company and of the other competitors
  • Analyze the trend of a company’s sentiment line
  • Analyze the data and volumes of information that ultimately conduct to a reputation score for a selected company
  • Analyze the data regarding the impact it has for the company’s reputation
  • Analyze the sentiment data from the perspective of the reputation drivers that led to the publications of the articles