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  • CakePHP framework
  • MySQL database
  • AJAX
  • JavaScript
  • Jquery and jquery-based frameworks and libraries

Project size

+100 man-months (PHP developers, Web Designer, Project Manager)

Software methodology

Agile w. SCRUM

Web Portal for restaurant booking and administration panel.

Client description

The client is one of the top software providers for restaurants. The development for the first version of the software started in 2004 and it has been improving ever since. The client’s goal is to provide software tailored for the restaurant needs. In order to achieve that, a desktop application and a web application have been developed.

Business need

The restaurants are part of an economic line of work where the competition is very tough. It is important for the restaurants to be able to manage their bookings and clients very efficiently and to allow reservations to be made at any time.

The solution

The client was already using an existing desktop application and an online booking widget. IT Six was in charge of developing a new desktop application, on a separate project, and creating a web portal to handle all the web related needs, in the current project.

Since restaurants tend to be on demand 24/7, a new booking widget was implemented, so that clients are able to make restaurant reservations at any time and from any device.

The challenge

The main challenge was developing the web portal on the existing database structure which was shared with the old application and the new desktop application. IT Six also worked on improving the API, so this issue could be fixed in the future.

Another important aspect was using the newest technologies and applying attractive design, while making sure it works and is displayed properly on all visitor environments, from old browsers to the newest mobile devices.

Because there were more PHP applications (the main portal, the desktop application API and the mobile API), IT Six suggested and successfully implemented a new architecture, which allowed the different applications to share the common database models and business logic, while each of them was able to extend the core functionality and implement custom functions.

Benefits for the client

The solution built by IT SIX was compliant with the business requirements. During the implementation of this solution the team was very dedicated, putting in constructive ideas to improve the data flow and making the application user friendly.

In addition, It Six also provided reliable and fast support to make sure that all changes and issues are handled and accommodated immediately.

On balance, the client took advantage of the Romanian quality and competitive cost, by using an offshore dedicated development team.