Roads Quality Monitoring Application

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  • .NET Framework 4.0
  • C#
  • Silverlight
  • WCF RIA Services
  • Entity Framework 4.1
  • SQL Server
  • Oracle

Project size

16+ man-years (architect, .net developers, database developers, testers, web designer)

Software methodology


An application to monitor roads quality.

Client Description

The client is a multi-national company with over 40 years of highly specialized experience in infrastructure, pavement management technology and data collection services. The mission of the company is to provide the highest quality information gathering products, services, and support to infrastructure and transportation organizations throughout the world.

Business need

The roads infrastructure analysis needed to be automated and more accurate in order to replace labor intensive distress analysis and sampling usually performed by personnel in the field.

The solution

The application IT Six developed is a hosted web application that offers synchronized viewing of all pavement management data collected from road infrastructure collection vehicles. Using any web browser, the web application allows you to view synchronized right-of-way videolog, pavement images, and your choice of collected pavement management and condition data over the internet.

The challenge

The challenge was to create, from scratch, a web application dealing with road monitoring and having synchronized views of road images, parameters, location information, current position, GPS based maps, and collected data playback. Its users can specify the location that they are interested in by specifying attributes like: state, district, county, route direction and lane. Once the location is set, the system views (image cameras, map, grid, etc.) are all synchronized to the beginning point of this location. From here the user can use the playback module to play through the current road, see the current location on that map, analyze location parameters (like: speed, left IRI, right IRI, etc) in the grid, etc. For a better overall view over the entire data, the user can create charts with different series for specific road parameters, and click in the charts to switch to the desired location. Along the charts, the user can create thematic maps containing different ranges for specified road quality parameters, colored with different colors. A click on the map on an area where a parameter has a value of interest (e.g. a low value colored with red, meaning that there is a problem in that area) would synchronize all views to that location, thus allowing in depth analysis of that section.

Benefits for the client

The web solution built by IT SIX from square one is a highly scalable application compliant with the business requirements. The architecture, the UI/UX, the development, testing and deployment – everything was done in-house, at the IT Six engineering office in Craiova. The client benefitted from the Romanian quality and competitive cost, by using an offshore dedicated development team.