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Various DW/BI solutions are used by wireless telecom companies for tracking network performance, monitoring customer experience, customer service and wireless infrastructure management.


  • ORACLE and MS SQL Server for data warehousing repositories
  • Analysis Services/Reporting Services for BI/reporting
  • Integration Services for data integration
  • ASP.Net
  • .Net framework
  • Code Smith
  • Windows Communication Foundation web services
  • Adobe FLEX for advanced reporting UI, charts, user controls
  • AJAX

Project size

45+ man-years

Client description

The client is a premier wireless solutions provider that helps telecom companies optimize their activity, reduce costs and improve business performance through better data analytics and smarter reporting.

Business need

Wireless providers face every-day growth of data structures, higher end-user demands and continuous technological innovation enabling more dynamic and smart reporting. Competition in this industry is fierce and continuous improvement of the infrastructure, performance monitoring and customer experience measuring are critical to the business success. The wireless telecom world is one of intense time pressure, hyper-competition, information overload and relentless challenges. Solution providers for this industry have to be flexible, able to sustain ever growing demands and also reduce costs in the light of current tough economic environment.

The solution

IT Six provided dedicated teams of software engineers with high technical expertise to handle all difficulties related to intense usage in production environment. Our programmers were able to handle high-complexity production environment issues and identified the root causes of malfunctions, restoring the environment to perfect health.

The challenge

The main challenge of the task lies in the complexity of process and high demands of the telecom industry. SLAs measure the response time in minutes and fixing times in hours for major or mission critical systems. The team was able to handle the pressure by:

  • Establishing monitoring systems that send warnings and alerts instantly when issues occur
  • Continuously monitoring the production environments, especially during ETL execution
  • Proactively measuring the performance of the systems
  • Performing tuning tasks at OS, database and application levels
  • Establishing a good communication with the development team in order to gather the intelligence required for bug fixing and minor releases management
  • Closely working with the development team on the major releases
  • Conducting extensive performance and integration tests

Benefits for the client

Highly experienced offshore team (Romania), exceptional response time to fixing issues, implicit back-up solutions and a very competitive project cost.