Web based engineering supporting application for telecommunications

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  • ASP. NET 4.0
  • Oracle
  • MS SQL Reporting Services
  • Adobe FLEX
  • AJAX

Application that supports configuration, visualization and reporting for regular telecom tasks.

Client description

The client is a wireless technology company on the North American continent specialized in offering carrier-grade solutions that synchronize network analytics with business intelligence, delivering critical insights for communications providers. The solutions offered vary among telecom solutions for configuration, analysis, reporting and visualization of important key business aspects. With a past in telecom solutions the client company develops customized applications for companies across the world. The software they develop is useful for a wide range of activities starting with management related tasks and going deep to engineer related tasks.

Business need

The telecom industry is growing exponentially every day. Day to day tasks require careful analysis and network visibility in order to provide fast response to the network needs and faster time to market. Experienced engineers that are able to perform such tasks are scarce and it is harder and harder to respond to daily needs in a timely manner.

The solution

The software developed for this company combines a wide range of technologies in a complete product. With an intuitive and fast user interface developed using Adobe Flex or ASP.NET Ajax powered controls communicating in a loosely coupled model with a web service that exposes the business functionality powered by a complete Oracle solution the application molds to the user needs.

The user is given a choice of using the application as an overview tool for CRM related tasks. Using an interactive user interface or various reports performance indicators are easily accessible. Going deeper, the configuration module allows on the fly changes to the network generating scripts for various hardware equipment in a way that is accessible even to people with limited domain specific knowledge.

The challenge

The project presented itself with various challenges:

  • Making the user interface robust and as easy for the untrained user as possible but at the same time allow the most complex operations the engineers could imagine.
  • Allow quick and swift operation over large sets of data without altering overall response and availability of the application.
  • Keep modules separated and easily configurable to respond quickly to continuously evolving market.
  • Allow multiple customers to use the tool keeping the core functionalities separated from various customer dependent customizations.

With a robust design developed from the start with maintainability and extensibility in mind various versions of the application customized for each client can coexist. Each new feature is validated with the existing design and each line of code is enforcing the chosen development paradigm.

Complex activities that have been the work of experienced engineers are transformed in robust algorithms that allow even the most inexperienced user to obtain the desired results using the application. Each application layer is independent and communicates with its siblings using predefined structures. Raw data stored in the application database is hidden in code separating the business logic implementation from the actual data layer implementation offering in this way a flexible platform that can be migrated easily. The business layer makes complex calculations that are never handled by the client code which takes care only of data representation and user interaction.

Benefits for the client

A series of successfully built complex R&D projects, which are today being used by telecom carriers across the globe.

Our client took benefit of the Romanian quality and competitive cost, by using offshore dedicated development teams. The focus on “dedicated” as the true added-value came in time.

The IT Six engineers performed impeccably for over two years, enhancing the same projects and building new ones, constantly contributing with innovative ideas. And the story keeps going on…