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Why our clients love to work with us

“After working together for several years I’m very satisfied with the IT-Six approach which can be best described by a very high level of commitment, expertise and reliability. An experienced management board in close cooperation with the technical departments ensures a constant support of high quality services with state of the art technology.”

Head of E-Procurement Applications & Services | Multinational Technology Consulting Firm, Germany

“There is always a danger when working with a partner that neither the quality nor the cost effectiveness expected is achieved. With ITSix, this is absolutely not the case. The quality of the finished products & services as well as the cost regime under which they were delivered meant we broadened our use of ITSix; and continue to do so.

ITSix helped us build better, more customer focused web services at a fraction of the cost we could have done so internally. Their attention to detail, specifically around User Interface Design meant that our IT department is getting a reputation for building great services.

ITSix has enabled us to both grow our capability to deliver great services and to reduce our costs. We estimate that we have saved over 55% of the cost of running the same team internally, yet productivity has increased by 30% at the same time.

The quality of the ITSix team is first rate. The depth of knowledge and experience means we can rely on ITSix to help us deliver on our commitments. Tight control through effective project management has helped us immensely.

One positive aspect of dealing with ITSix is their commitment to quality. They never take on work “for the money”. Instead they look at whether there is value to both sides in any project. This long term view and their willingness to decline work where they feel they cannot add value shows both integrity and a deeper understanding of what a partnering relationship is about.”

Head of Group IM | Leading Diamond Company, UK

“We are very agile and we needed a partner flexible enough to work with our schedules. IT Six met our needs by providing smart, technical QA and Technical Support resources familiar with our technology stack. They work closely with our developers and testers around the world and are great team players.”

CTO | Leading Mobile Advertising Firm, USA

“Thanks to the powerful dedicated team from IT Six we were able to set up a great and solid agile team for a huge ongoing project. Communication and product quality is outstanding and we’re very thankful for having that “same wavelength”-partner by our side!”

CEO | Technology Consulting Firm, Germany

“ITSix resources have been contributing efficiently in all our DW/BI successful projects since 2007. On top of advanced technical skills, ITSix IT engineers show a high level of team spirit, dedication and proactivity. They are part of our core team and are playing a major role in every software delivery from a backend perspective through the final UI interface.”

VP Software Solutions | Wireless Technology Solutions Provider, USA

“The feedback of our customers is evidence of their lived trustworthiness, their capabilities, and their dedication. Upon their commitment I can always sleep well throughout every phase of a project.”

Owner | IT Consulting Firm, Germany

“I have experienced the cooperation with ItSix as very professional, properly and positive! The developers have a very high level of technical expertise and they have a work ethic that is extremely good and which certainly matches what we are used to in Scandinavia. The team is an integrated part of our development team and work independently and creatively in developing our product portfolio.”

CEO | Scandinavian Mobile Marketing Firm, Norway

“ITSIX has been providing development and QA services to our company for over 4 years and we are very pleased with the results. Their staff is talented, creative, dedicated and professional. We handed ITSIX a number of tough assignments and they consistently delivered high quality work on schedule. ITSIX has earned the respect of our local engineering team and are looked upon as true partners.”

VP of Engineering | Cloud Backup and Recovery Solutions Provider, USA

“We engaged ITSix to increase our team scale and capabilities in early 2013. We chose ITSix after prior long-distance off-shoring partnerships, and looked at several near-shore alternatives – ITSix won our tender for near-shore services. Since commencing work with ITSix, we are delighted to say that our expectations have been considerably exceeded. We find the relationship much more open and co-operative than our various previous experiences, and find the team skilled, committed to our project success and fully aligned with our corporate objectives. Our relationship has grown since the start of our first project and will continue to grow and we feel very comfortable with the service, communication and commitment provided. We would have no hesitation in recommending this supplier to anyone else.”

CTO | Media Company, UK